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The Kentucky Chamber of Commerce governs the use and design of the Best Places to Work in Kentucky logo.
The following guidelines help protect the integrity of the logo. To download this agreement click here.

Winner Logo:
As a winner of the Best Places to Work in Kentucky awards program you are entitled to use the provided logo that recognizes your company as a winner during the year(s) of your participation.

Reproduction of the Logo:
The logo may only be reproduced in either cmyk or grayscale.

Incorrect Uses:
Do not recreate or alter the logo artwork.
Do not reset the type.
Do not change the typestyle.
Do not change the letter spacing of the type.
Do not scale the logo horizontally or vertically.
Do not change the colors.
Do not change the size relationship between the logo and the type.
Do not print logo on a patterned background.
Do not use logo elements individually.
Do not screen the artwork.
Do not reproduce from low-resolution printers or out-of-focus artwork.
Do not combine the logo with other logos or designs.
Do not crop the logo – it must be used in its entirety.
Do not rotate or tilt the logo.

Terms of Agreement
By participating in the Best Places to Work in Kentucky and in receipt of the appropriate logo, you accept all responsibility and agree to the guidelines above.


Have questions or need the logo in a different format?
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Promotions Manager
Kentucky Chamber of Commerce
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